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LawOffice 1.4 – Case Management System for Lawyer Nulled (Verified)

by NatsuDraganeel

LawOffice 1.4 – Case Management System for Lawyer

LawOffice 1.4 is an online software for daily case meeting management for lawyers. With this app, attorneys / lawyers can keep records at their fingertips. For law firms, you can add information like client, cases, case history, court, and appointment management.

Main features:

LawOffice is the digital journal that keeps everything organized and easily accessible. Our feature-rich LawOffice app has all the value-added features a lawyer / attorney always expects to simplify law enforcement.

Customer Management

LawOffice has the ability to store client information such as name, phone, email, lawsuits filed against them, along with case history.

Daily cash dashboard

Your Dashboard will give you quick access to your Dashboard of Daily Cases, Appointments, Outstanding Bills and tasks.

State Administration

Keep track of all the details like client name, case number, judge, court details, case history, and transfer history.

Accounts administration

Manage all your income, bills, and invoices with the pending invoice notification feature to estimate your profit and loss.


Manage all your appointments with new and existing clients.

Multiple users

Multiple users can access the application and update their cases at the same time.



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